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ΑCTUS goes Blockchain: Cooperation of Ariadne AG and Atpar AG

Ariadne provides financial solutions for transaction processing and risk management based on the ACTUS Smart Financial Contract standard (

Our partner company Atpar AG leverages the ACTUS Smart Financial Contract on different "Distributed Ledger Technologies". Based on the ACTUS Standard atpar has developed a middleware/API that allows financial players to issue tokenized financial assets on the blockchain and integrate them seamlessly into their existing financial systems

Atpar released the ACTUS Protocol Portal ( — a demo portal that lets anybody issue and service all kinds of debt instruments on Etherum testnet.

The smart contract framework and APIs/middleware are currently being used in several Proof-of-Concepts with a lendings solution, a security token solution for a financial challenger institution and soon also for a new platform for alternative investment classes.

For more information please reach out to Jonas Brammertz ( or Michael Svoboda (

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