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Turn Simple Data into

Smart Financial Contracts

MapX provides data integration and converts your data in our smart financial contract data technology based on the ACTUS standard.

Map your data into our smart contract technology and get more out of your data.

Our highly specialised team supports you in the mapping process.

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Map your data into Smart Financial Contracts

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MapX transfers your data into smart financial contracts based on the ACTUS standard that can be used in multiple ways. 
Make your data smart today!


With MapX you easily transfer your current data from any database into our Smart Contract Data Hub. Once you have done that you will gain additional insights. Allowing the user the option to apply multiple forward projections on your smart financial contracts.

Additionally you can map data from different data sources into one smart financial contract concept which gives the ability to reduce the reconciliation problem drastically. 

Get rid of reconciliation!

core banking with analytic functions

Existing Banks
wanting to get rid of reconciliation costs

Multi-System Banks
bring all your data to the same smart level

Challenger Banks

start right from the beginning

who is mapx



Thanks to our “Contract Centric Technology” with ACTUS inside we can go beyond traditional banking.

Our genuinely smart solution offers more than any competitor in the market.


Why don't you find out yourself?

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We would love to meet you in person and present our technology and possibilities tailored to your businesses needs. 

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