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ACTUS now available on GitHub

We are very proud to announce that the ACTUS code is now available to download on GitHub. If you are interested to find out more, please click here


The ACTUS Financial Research Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the open-source Algorithmic Contract Types Unified Standards (ACTUS) version 1.0.

ACTUS is a comprehensive standard for the unambiguous, mathematical representation of the payment obligations embodied in financial contracts. The aim of this initiative is to provide the financial industry with a unified, machine-readable representation of all financial contracts that can be used for transaction-processing, forward-looking analysis, and smart-contracts and, thereby, empower an efficient, transparent, and consistent financial ecosystem.

The ACTUS Financial Research Foundation develops, releases from time to time, and promotes these standards. The ACTUS Users Association (AUA) complements these activities by fostering the participation by representatives from financial institutions, vendors, regulators, academia, innovators, and software developers, as members of the ACTUS community. This community aims to support the adoption of the open-source ACTUS standards and contribute to the continued development of applications, utilities, and innovations that utilise ACTUS.

This open-source release of ACTUS is a significant and notable step in the ongoing progress and fulfilment of our collective objectives, and is comprised of:

(1) A Data Dictionary that defines the complete set of data elements (i.e. contract terms) that are necessary and sufficient to drive all of the ACTUS Contract Type algorithmic classes via the ACTUS standard data interface;

(2) A Technical Specification of the Contract Types, functional components, and event-driven state transition logic that define the algorithmic aspects of ACTUS;

(3) A Reference Implementation of the ACTUS core in the form of a Java library (ongoing work).

The ACTUS Financial Research Foundation invites all parties who wish to access the ACTUS GitHub open-source repository and download the newly available software to register on the ACTUS website:

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