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  • Jonas Brammertz

Ariadne / ACTUS part of the IEEE/ACM International Conference

Join us at 5th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies ( and learn how ACTUS based financial analytics can scale up to 100s of millions of financial contracts.

For the past two years and supported by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation, a team of Ariadne Business Analytics AG, Fintegral AG and researchers at School of Engineering, ZHAW, has worked on a novel financial analytics kernel that provides core computations for any type of financial instrument, all kinds of financial analytics, and problems at any scale. This novel ARIADNE FinKernel leverages the ACTUS algorithmic standard for the evaluation of financial obligations and cutting-edge Big Data technologies.

At the core, FinKernel maps any combination of financial contract - risk scenario input-pairs into a stream of contingent contractual obligations and aggregates these intermediate results into the desired financial analytics. Due to its smart design and using distributed computing infrastructure, FinKernel masters problems of any size (in terms of input data) and, therefore, serves analytical needs of all kinds of financial institutions in terms of their size and business.

At the BDCAT 19 Poster sessions our team will introduce the high-level architecture and results for scaling the FinKernel to up to 100 millions of financial contracts.

Join us in Zurich or contact us for more information.

Find more information about Fintegral here:

Find more information about ZHAW:

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