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  • Jonas Brammertz

BIAN & ACTUS PoC Webinar coming up on June 15th

On June 15th at 4 PM (CET) BIAN will host a webinar to showcase the PoC between ACTUS and BIAN and demonstrate the power of smart financial contracts (

BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) is a collaborative not-for-profit ecosystem driven by some of the biggest banks worldwide and wants to provide the best banking service oriented architecture.

For the PoC BIAN has applied the ACTUS standard to extend the higher level BIAN semantic product specifications. The PoC will show how a bank can produce for a customer a consolidated view of his or her position across the many diverse products they hold – projecting out their future financial health considering many different market and even employment scenarios.  For example, they can use these powerful analytical insights to determine the best type of mortgage for which they should apply.

The webinar will cover the lessons learned mapping ACTUS to BIAN, demonstrate the PoC and discuss some of the powerful insights and perspectives of the ACTUS standard.

Please join us for this very interesting webinar on June 15th.

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